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Family Filter | Let's Protect. Let's Be Safe. Let's Enjoy


    Internet web content and controls, protecting you and your family.



    Dr Chris Seton
    Dr Chris SetonAdolescent & Paediatric Physician
    July 2014 - "Excessive electronic screen exposure at night is addictive, & is a major cause of teen sleep problems. KidsBlocker simply & effectively manages screen time. This results in longer & better quality sleep”
    BenPastor - Sydney NSW
    16th Feb 2015 - KidsBlocker control over the network is amazing. I love that. I've also had no problems with speed etc, so that’s good.
    PamMum - Queenscliff NSW
    Feb 2015 - We just installed KidsBlocker and I have to say it is really great.  Can't believe how simple it is to manage and what a difference it makes in the house.  Really impressive.  So thank you.
    MumSydney NSW
    Dec 2015- Thanks to KidsBlocker my home is calmer now and I feel like a better parent
    Large Independent School ICT review
    Large Independent School ICT reviewSydney NSW
    Aug 2014 - You've hit the nail on the head with KidsBlocker. It's exactly what people have been missing and it represents a great way to manage access.• Super easy interface. Love it. Easy to navigate, check history, blocked sites, configuration.• The block message page gives the option to unblock;
    FionaParent (Roseville NSW)
    Feb 2015 - I am a strong advocate of KidsBlocker. The kids school is now advising parents of KidsBlocker and I always am happy to talk to families about our experience.  I have been able to maintain a harmonious environment at home. Love the support KidsBlocker gives to boundaries and both boys now understand wifi is a privilege.
    Greg - from Bathurst Church of Christ
    Greg - from Bathurst Church of Christ
    From our FACEBOOK page ...November 14, 2014 at 8:37pm ·We recently purchased the iBoss from Familyfilter.com.au for our Church which runs regular events for kids through to teens with free wifi for our guests. Obviously we wanted to make sure these guests were protected from questionable material (we have a duty of care for the under 18's). Previous we had been using IPCop, but the server was about 8 years old, and in need of replacing. The cost to replace would have been somewhere in the vicinity of $500, plus setup and maintenance by our volunteer Server guy (yours truly). A bit of research and a quick chat with your friendly staff and we picked up a device capable of doing everything we needed, along with a two year subscription for about half the cost.I've since got into the nuts and bolts of the device and configured several groups (Default, Windows [allows updates], and a third group not implemented, but locked down]) which took minimal effort and was reasonably intuitive, a word rarely used in the same sentence as SERVER or FIREWALLI've been running Servers and Firewalls for the past 15 years, and thoroughly recommend the FamilyFilter.com.au iBoss as a cheap, intuitive, and effective alternative to spending hours building, configuring and maintaining a comparable device on much more expensive hardware.Bathurst Church of ChristNSW Australia.
    Becky & Bin
    Becky & BinFamily in Melbourne
    We often talk with Jack about different issues that affect our family, one of them being internet and device usage and safety. Having installed the Family Filter, I chatted with Jack about its purpose in protecting us from the not so nice side of the internet. Likening it to other things we have in our family to protect us such as seat belts in the car, and a lock on the front door of our house. Jack understood that this was not a restriction on his use, but a tool to assist us with looking after our family. THANK YOU guys.
    TrevorParent (Hornsby)
    I have loved the time control aspect of the iBoss Home – it was a little confronting for my 3 teenagers at first but when they realized we were on the same team and especially when it gave them peace from Facebook late at night they began to enjoy the Internet control and safety as well.
    We have had big problems here in our household, with inappropriate access and wanted to impose restrictions and from the reviews we’d read, this unit was the way forward. We recently purchased an iboss residential filter from you guys at Family Filter, and all appears to be running smoothly enough. The unit seems to be doing it’s job well and reducing some of the worry associated with our kids access to the internet.