Behavioural Therapy Appointment … for a 4(FOUR) year old???

Each Week – we receive ‘THE WEEK’ … a ‘newspaper magazine’ that beautifully sums up all the news of the week – without all the fuss of a daily newspaper!

The magazine is helpfully divided up, with regular segments … one of which is labelled “Spirit of the age” … where they include two short paragraphs summarising two issues of the age!

This week, there was a paragraph which read ..

A four year old girl from the SouthEast is being treated for ipad addiction.
THe children parents enrolled her into a course of compulsive behavioural therapy
because she was using the device for up to four hours a day and becoming “inconsolable”
when they took it away from her. “

(THE WEEK, 27th April 2013)

THinking that there is a dual issue here.
And IPad, for this age group, is possibly simply ‘another toy’ ?
Granted, this toy may have its addictive qualities by the nature of the device.
But my wonderings are … if this ‘toy’ has been given to the 4 year old as a means of keeping him/her occupied,
(perhaps not the initial intention)
Is there a parenting issue here that is also one to be under investigation at the Behavioural Therapy appointment?

An interesting, or perhaps worrying characteristic ‘spirit’ of this ‘age’?

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10th Annual Safer Internet Day

Welcome to the new year! Hoping that holidays have been a time for some family fun, a bit of space for yourselves, and a moment or two to take a look at what 2013 will hold for you all.
For us, we continue to be convinced of our need to push into providing opportunities for families to make the choice to STAND for their families – to protect, to be safe and to enjoy all the things that our growing technological age is throwing at us, faster than we can blink! (And we thought 2012 went fast!!!) Do you know that there are approximately 4,000 new websites posted every day?!? Many of these advertise or subtly draw us to places that we often dont intentionally mean to go!
I am reading today the Headlines from WORLD NEWS … “One in three girls meet online strangers in real life” . Vulnerable girls heading off to meet up with strangers whom they have ‘met’ via the internet. Facebook – which now accounts for 1 in every 7 minutes spent on line, is a ‘way in’ for people to prey on our children using Facebook ‘Check ins’ and other geo- location devices. ( 22/1/13)
This report warns that internet filters are not protecting our vulnerable young girls who chat with people online – they suggest that only good parenting could ‘dampen’ the risk. We want to encourage families to look into BOTH! Using Family Filter’s iboss, gives, as far as we have researched, the MOST protection from these sites. BUT we want to say that sharing time with our children, drawing good boundaries, and staying connected with our kids, is a great way forward in using the internet for their benefit. A great combination!!

Our 10TH Safer Internet Day! We are into our 10th year of being aware of the fact that there is something we need to be proactive in, in bringing about a safer world for our families.

I wonder – when this day was FIRST declared – what did the world of ‘Internet threat’ look like in order for them to ‘make a day’ to build awareness.

BECAUSE – it looks pretty bad now!

Reading this article in The Age today (6.2.13) – makes me so very sad to read of a Christmas party conversation, back in December, a time when every family should be eagerly awaiting the joys of the season. However, we read of a mum, recounting every parents worst nightmare – the suicide of their daughter as a result of cyber bullying.

The article talks of the government being ‘focused’ on this issue (boldly claiming that the Gillard Govt are now ‘setting up systems’ to deal with complaints!!!! – talking of shutting the barn door …. giddy-up), It also speaks of telecommunication companies and social media platforms raising their game, school education programmes being increased and technology filters and blockings being a critical part of the mixture to provide internet safety.

But again – the article reminds us that the mixture is incomplete without regular conversation with our children about using the computer. It reminds us of some of the golden rules ~ keeping the computer in the family room. Having an allocated amount of screen time each day etc.

Our relationship with our children seems to CONSTANTLY be the glue in the broken picture of what technology seems to be doing to our families. It IS a great thing – when used with care … lets protect, lets enjoy and lets have fun! OUR MOTTO from the start!!!!

NExt week: POWERLESSNESS: WHen this ever growing technology runs ahead of our own ‘parental’ understanding!

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Today, I realised this quite by accident.

It happened like this ….
I was catching up with a good friend who now lives in the country on the NSW / Vic border.
She was in Sydney, visiting her parents for their family Christmas celebration. She has three young girls.
Her nine year old daughter was looking up, on her nana’s computer – a Hannah Montanna site. She has not used computers very much at home, and so she was innocently clicking away on things that came up on her screen.
She was not there long, and soon closed the computer down as they had to head out to visit some friends.
The next day, my friends mum … this little girls’ nana, opened her computer to find that it was displaying a chat room, connected to a dating site.
Perplexed as to why it was open, she went into the history to look up how it had come about – to find that her little granddaughter had innocently gone to this site.
My friend mentioned how guilty her mum felt – that she had left her precious granddaughter playing out on the ‘highway’ of technology.
I am amazed how many times these stories are coming up in conversation.
BE sure you are protected and protect your children wherever they are!

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