This Christmas BEGIN with THE END in mind!

Wrapping up an iPad for your child to put under the tree?

Start with the end in mind!

Christmas is a time for giving, reflecting the beautiful Christmas Story of the Birth of Christ. When we as parents wrap up our gifts for our children, we do so out of this desire to show our love and heart to family and to friends.

For your children, the idea of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping their very own iPad, or iPhone or laptop is seriously exciting! And understandably so! However … It is up to all of us with children to be responsible adults and do all we can to protect the innocence of our young, as they dive into the online world before them, into all that it has to offer! And there is so much for them to learn and experience.

Together as a family, there is now another dimension to the games that can be played after the festive Christmas dinner is eaten, once all the visitors have finally gone home, or on that beautifully relaxing Boxing day!?

And together it should be! If we as parents – can begin with the end in mind – we can START our kids off, with good habits when it comes to using technology. Having healthy conversations, setting up good boundaries, and a togetherness on the journey, is the best gift you can give to your children!

If you can believe the statistics – 28% of infants as young as three and four now use tablets within their homes! And this is BEFORE the unwrapping of Christmas presents in just under three weeks’ time! There has also been a dramatic rise in the number of children owning tablets with the number tripling from 14 – 42% among five to 15-year-olds since 2012, according to Ofcom. And so … without the good habits in place, and the healthy boundaries being talked about, MANY of these children will have access to a life on line that NO child should have.

Far from the Christmas story, is the one that was reported in South Wales last week, of a 12-year-old boy repeatedly raping his little sister as he acted out what he had seen on internet porn sites. This is of course a worst case scenario, but what took place, as horrific as it is, happened as a direct result of a young boy becoming addicted to porn sites he found with a simple Google search.

The lists of technological giftings that are possible this Christmas is most creative, some becoming quite affordable and many quite amazing in what they can perform – from the latest obsession with movie cams… A second-generation action camera including a smaller waterproof case, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to shoot 11.9-megapixel photos to the genuinely sophisticated iPhone remote control and handy for the phone photographer. It connects by Bluetooth to start and stop movie or music playing on your iOS device, activate Siri or control Keynote on your Mac.

One such list is here.

BUT PLEASE … It is up to all of us with children to be responsible adults and do all we can to protect the innocence of the young for as long as possible!


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