YouTube for schools


Ever wondered why schools use YouTube in the classroom? Videos can engage students and spark conversations! iBoss are working with to bring you ~ YouTube for schools. Take a look at this great little video.

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The Parenting Place


A great New Zealand organisation with some super links and resources. Ian Grant, the Founder, is an amazing speaker if you ever get the opportunity to hear him! Watch this space as we are trying to bring him to Sydney 2014 to speak at the Annual Fusion Families’ Conference

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Other Internet Filter Options

A Safer Internet Is Our Top Priority

If looking at our Internet protection website for families in Australia has made you more aware for the need to protect you and your family – then we have achieved a great thing! If you decide not to go with our recommendations relating to children on the Internet and choose something else – then allow us to recommend some web filtering systems that we have found to be good.

Other Internet Filter Options

iBoss Internet protection alternative
OpenDNS – good parental protection and filtering, Cheap, But – No time control, No absolute guard on your internet connection and Not all modems can be configured (eg. some Optus Cable).

iBoss Internet protection alternative

X3 Watch is a great accountability software program that helps with online integrity. It works on both PC and MAC platforms. For iphones / ipod / ipads, one needs to use a different piece of software and one also needs to use a different web browser other than safari. This can work well but does take a little getting used to when one is sharing sites etc. This is great if you are up for being open and involved in someone else’s online life – a very helpful way forward. Again – a piece of SOFTWARE, that needs to be bought / installed for every piece of technology!

 iBboss Internet protection alternative

K9 Web protection has a good Pedigree! from Bluecoat Systems. It has time restrictions, categorization, forced Safe search, alas it is a SOFTWARE solution for Mac and PC – so not an all device solution.

iBoss web content alternative

We have heard that untangle make a good set of boxes and although maybe the name is little oxymoronic given their website – worth a look.

Adblock – Browser Plugin

Add lock

Put temptation out of your kids way by installing ADBLOCK. Here is a little about who are behind the company! “We” are Michael Gundlach and my wife Katie. I quit my job to build AdBlock. As both the proud creator and a regular user of AdBlock, I’m committed to ensuring it remains our best tool for filtering content on the web.

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