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Family Filter | About Us

    Welcome to Family Filter

    We – Steve and Kath  returned to Australia from the UK with a family of three children, we were astounded as to the amount of ‘stuff’ that could get through the supposed IP’s filtering system! Our kids were also at an age when we wanted them to know that computers were available for their use at certain hours of the day! SO … We went on the hunt!

    We looked at most of the products. We discovered two things: It’s quite complex and it’s mostly all software!

    This also meant two things! In the complexity department; each product offered different capabilities and levels of protection and each had their own positive features but also came with their own frustrating problems. And secondly; the fact that most products were pieces of software that one downloaded, meant that we would be purchasing MANY individual packages as our children enjoyed using a wide range of technologies ~ from desktops, laptops, ipads, PS3s, Nintendo Wii, iphones not to mention the devices their friends would bring over! When we list all these ~ it makes us sound as though we are such a techie family ~ however we are discovering that an increasing range of technology is now found in people’s homes.

    It was not until we tried the an imported router based system that we realized there WAS a product that could provide a more comprehensive Internet protection and covered all the devices in a WIDE variety of ways!

    Like a few others we’ve met, we had to travel (via the internet!) to America to find our first Internet filter product! The question begged ~ why do we not have this sort of product HERE in Australia, protecting Australian families! We were hearing horrific stories, some personal, some from the media, where families were being exposed to a side of technology that was NOT designed for children to explore! The effects of which were seriously destructive to both individuals and families.

    We felt so passionately about this ~ we decided to import these Internet protection devices especially for Australian families. And so began Family Filter while continuing to look for something that does an even better job..

    In late 2014 we were introduced to a team of local Dads who had built and successfully launched a better product so we have handed the FamilyFilter over to them to take up the cause of protecting Australian families.

    KidsBlocker is a proactive company, one passionately and constantly investigating ways to make it possible to PROTECT, be SAFE and ENJOY the internet!

    Core Principles

    • Overcome Social Issue

      The business objective is to overcome a social issue – NOT to maximize profit

    • Finance

      The company will attain financial and economic sustainability

    • Profit

      Investors get back their invested amount.

    • Growth

      Any profit stays with the company to grow and improve the business

    • Green

      The company will be environmentally conscious.

    • Being Fair

      The workforce gets market wage with better than ‘standard’ living & working conditions

    • Joy

      We do it with JOY!!!


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    I, Steve, with a background in business, accounting and IT systems, both here in Oz and in the UK, have been working with and for a great community organization for the last fifteen years and in that time I’ve come to appreciate the impact from the ‘world delivered via the Internet’, on families. There are the dramatic headlines about online-grooming and child pornography, but these really are just the tip of the iceberg. There are addictive patterns seen in and with gambling, pornography, gaming, social media, online shopping …One of the quiet, benign forces involved here is the time sucking effect of all these activities which erodes away at our family foundations. We need protection. We build fences around our homes to keep us safe and I see the need for fences around our internet use as well. President Barack Obama said this month (June 2013), in defense of US government programs to track phone and internet data for millions of Americans; “YOU can’t have 100 per cent security and also then have 100 per cent privacy and zero inconvenience.” This is so true of ANY internet Filtering product and NO product will be perfect. But we believe the iBoss is one of the best Internet protection products to bring a sense of management and security to your family. A great question to ask ourselves as parents is; do you lock your door at night before going to bed? We all know it’s not a foolproof action, but it’s a simple, natural step in protecting Australian families.

    Kath says; Steve has Bachelor of Accounting, Finance and Systems – University NSW; an MBA from Oxford, Brookes. UK; and is a member of the institute of Chartered Management Institute

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    We’re thinking it’s best to start with internet protection from about … now! Let me tell you why. I delighted in starting my working life as a primary school teacher. I simply adore watching kids enjoy and discover what they are capable of! This starts from such a young age and goes on to adulthood! NOW ~ I ‘teach’ adults how to be parents!! We have such opportunities to bring the best out in our kids, but sometimes, and at different stages of our parenting, this just doesn’t come naturally! PLUS, we now have the added ‘new’ pressures of technology! Kids can access technology from about one year old and it usually increases in diversity and intensity from about this point! Protecting our children in this field, is like protecting them from burning themselves touching the oven! If we start when they are young, it means they’ll grow up knowing that there are dangers whilst they are on the computer and hopefully they will be more open to talking about their technological discoveries. HOWEVER, it’s never too late to start ‘standing up’ for your family. Conversations about this part of their lives are vital. Let our kids know that we wouldn’t want them playing football on a three lane highway! This is a similar ‘common sense’ boundary conversation we want to be having. SO ~ Let’s protect them. Let’s give them a safe place. And Let’s enjoy their internet journeys together!

    Steve says; Kath has a Diploma of Education(Primary) from UTS, Sydney and a Masters in Education from Oxford Brookes, UK



    My initiation into Family Filter came from a cry for help! Social Media was NOT my mother’s forte, and thus began my association with Family Filter. My name is Amie, and I am studying English and Medieval Studies at Sydney University. Interestingly, as part of my choice of units, I am studying different aspects of sex in society. This throws a fascinating light on all that Family Filter stands for. As the Social Media Manager however, I am on the facebook front line, pointing the online world to the unique products Family Filter has to offer to parents and kids alike to keep them ‘screen safe’. More than that, I’m also able to bring to the Family Filter ‘online community’ some of the positive aspects that technology offers but also the very real and sometimes terrifying media coverage that highlights the need for this unique piece of hardware. I look forward to ‘meeting you’ online.


    Dr Chris Seton
    Dr Chris SetonAdolescent & Paediatric Physician
    July 2014 - "Excessive electronic screen exposure at night is addictive, & is a major cause of teen sleep problems. KidsBlocker simply & effectively manages screen time. This results in longer & better quality sleep”
    BenPastor - Sydney NSW
    16th Feb 2015 - KidsBlocker control over the network is amazing. I love that. I've also had no problems with speed etc, so that’s good.
    PamMum - Queenscliff NSW
    Feb 2015 - We just installed KidsBlocker and I have to say it is really great.  Can't believe how simple it is to manage and what a difference it makes in the house.  Really impressive.  So thank you.
    MumSydney NSW
    Dec 2015- Thanks to KidsBlocker my home is calmer now and I feel like a better parent
    Large Independent School ICT review
    Large Independent School ICT reviewSydney NSW
    Aug 2014 - You've hit the nail on the head with KidsBlocker. It's exactly what people have been missing and it represents a great way to manage access.• Super easy interface. Love it. Easy to navigate, check history, blocked sites, configuration.• The block message page gives the option to unblock;
    FionaParent (Roseville NSW)
    Feb 2015 - I am a strong advocate of KidsBlocker. The kids school is now advising parents of KidsBlocker and I always am happy to talk to families about our experience.  I have been able to maintain a harmonious environment at home. Love the support KidsBlocker gives to boundaries and both boys now understand wifi is a privilege.
    Greg - from Bathurst Church of Christ
    Greg - from Bathurst Church of Christ
    From our FACEBOOK page ...November 14, 2014 at 8:37pm ·We recently purchased the iBoss from Familyfilter.com.au for our Church which runs regular events for kids through to teens with free wifi for our guests. Obviously we wanted to make sure these guests were protected from questionable material (we have a duty of care for the under 18's). Previous we had been using IPCop, but the server was about 8 years old, and in need of replacing. The cost to replace would have been somewhere in the vicinity of $500, plus setup and maintenance by our volunteer Server guy (yours truly). A bit of research and a quick chat with your friendly staff and we picked up a device capable of doing everything we needed, along with a two year subscription for about half the cost.I've since got into the nuts and bolts of the device and configured several groups (Default, Windows [allows updates], and a third group not implemented, but locked down]) which took minimal effort and was reasonably intuitive, a word rarely used in the same sentence as SERVER or FIREWALLI've been running Servers and Firewalls for the past 15 years, and thoroughly recommend the FamilyFilter.com.au iBoss as a cheap, intuitive, and effective alternative to spending hours building, configuring and maintaining a comparable device on much more expensive hardware.Bathurst Church of ChristNSW Australia.
    Becky & Bin
    Becky & BinFamily in Melbourne
    We often talk with Jack about different issues that affect our family, one of them being internet and device usage and safety. Having installed the Family Filter, I chatted with Jack about its purpose in protecting us from the not so nice side of the internet. Likening it to other things we have in our family to protect us such as seat belts in the car, and a lock on the front door of our house. Jack understood that this was not a restriction on his use, but a tool to assist us with looking after our family. THANK YOU guys.
    TrevorParent (Hornsby)
    I have loved the time control aspect of the iBoss Home – it was a little confronting for my 3 teenagers at first but when they realized we were on the same team and especially when it gave them peace from Facebook late at night they began to enjoy the Internet control and safety as well.
    We have had big problems here in our household, with inappropriate access and wanted to impose restrictions and from the reviews we’d read, this unit was the way forward. We recently purchased an iboss residential filter from you guys at Family Filter, and all appears to be running smoothly enough. The unit seems to be doing it’s job well and reducing some of the worry associated with our kids access to the internet.