Web – The movie?

‘WEB’ the movie!?

Now although this movie has nothing to do with ‘Charlotte’s’ web, there is a remarkable link that I feel is quite plausible.
Charlotte’s web, is a fictional story telling of a clever and inspired spider who used her ‘web’ to help an ordinary, everyday pig, become ‘seen’ and become ‘special’.

WEB ~ the film, is a Non-fictional story, of how many clever and inspired people use their passion to use the access to the world wide web, to help those who would normally not be ‘seen’ and who certainly are quite invisible to us in the western world!

Now here is a movie that poses some really interesting thinking!
What does it look like for every child on the planet to have a laptop? When the ‘disconnected’ in this world, get online!
It poses the question, “What have we, the first ‘online’ generation, done with this ‘powerful tool’ to help mankind?

I love this question – as so often we are focused on the negative sides of internet access, wanting to control, and restrict, and block harmful websites. Instead, to look at the possibilities that emerge when access is given to those who have never even seen a laptop, or those who have to have the term ‘online’ or ‘google’ explained to them.

It truly opens a whole new world to them. And dare I say ~ to us as well.

I do love it in this movie when the children, who have had one lesson at school on the laptop, take this back to their parents and try and explain it to them! For us – a world away from our desire to direct adults to have ‘internet parental control’ over what our children see. Our push to have internet filtering and protection so that the threats of the ‘www’ are not accessible to our children.

There are so many obstacles for this initiative to flourish, but I love that there are companies of people who are pushing in to see this happen.

For us, the families here in Australia, we have many different obstacles that we still have to push in to, in order for our kids to use this ‘powerful tool’. Web filtering, monitoring our kids online, blocking internet access at different times, filtering the harmful sites that we KNOW we do not wish our kids to stumble across … all these things are still very much part of our world online here in Australia!

See the movie trailer here.
Better still, download the whole movie – well worth a watch.


Why recreate ‘a wheel’, when you already know ‘one’ that has travelled a great distance, experienced many types of ‘road surfaces’ and been to places that are sometimes both troubled and yet beautiful at the same time.

It’s time I started directing you to some amazing people who have some rich wisdom to share on so many topics that could possibly have bought you to this page … Today I want to call it ‘Smart Thinking!’

Collett Smart is a lady who I admire greatly, as she not only walks the walk with young people in this changing and progressive world, but put of this, she has provided us with some great resources to help us negate this journey of ‘parenthood’ and living as a healthy family in a sometimes, not so healthy world! Allow me to give you a few words / headings that will motivated you and direct you to her website of resources:

Parents are having much farther reaching effects than they know.
You are worth more than the sum total of your ‘likes’
Changing negative thinking patterns
How much time should our kids be on ‘screen’
Empowering parents to nurture Resilience in our kids
Supporting teens with depression
ADHD is still a 4 letter word.

These are some of Collett’s ‘features’ at this moment on her webpage.
DO visit it, as, after 20 years in the game, she is a well travelled ‘wheel’, worth connecting to!

Her website is www.collettsmart.com

Take a look!