Who really needs ‘online boundaries’?

When I was considering what to blog on this morning, it got me wondering how many people actually took the time to read said blogs. This ‘wondering’ comes as we come to the end of our second year in the business, and when it comes to ‘selling’ internet filters for families, it has certainly been interesting seeing the facts behind who actually takes the time to purchase a filter.
We have come to the conclusion that it is similar to buying insurance. One is having to spend money on something that one will hopefully never have to be put into use, but it jolly nice to know is there! The difference being, with filters, and with the internet these days, there is more than a 50% chance that it WILL be needed – this figure conservatively based on the fact that MORE than 50% of the websites out there, are PORN related. Couple this with the social implications and habitual nature of technology and its uses, and our guess is, an internet filter is ABSOLUTELY going to be called upon to swing into action!
SO … as much as I can throw in all the helpful words that will allow this blog to be ‘picked up’ on an internet search, using adwords and all the clever collating of information around our product …like parental control, and web content filtering, internet protection, web filtering, and internet filters … its about those who take action, those who read the research, those who are proactive enough to stand for their family! For their children. For what their children could / will see online. For what habits their children are forming!
And may this be the topic of conversation at your next playgroup. Your the next preschool/kindergarten meeting. The earlier we take up this sort of ‘insurance’ – the healthier our children’s lives will be online!
GO on! Start the conversation!

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