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Finally we have a locally developed solution that really is less complicated and therefore a lot more effective.

KidsBlocker has been developed in Australia by three IT savvy dads who searched for a solution for their own families, didn’t find what they wanted, built it, shared it with family &  friends and based on the overwhelming response and requests – launched a new product KidsBlocker!

This month we have completely transitioned FamilyFilter as our product of choice for Australian families.

Based on the feedback from existing users, we’re confident that you will agree that KidsBlocker is the best parental tool currently available.



KidsBlocker is an easy solution to empower parents

  •  Turn on/off internet access to any device in a home network, from anywhere
  • Provide access schedule for any device
  • Provide internet filtering by device – to protect from inadvertent inappropriate exposure
  • Simple to configure and operate

KidsBlocker users have said:
“My home is calmer now”  “I feel like a better parent”
“You’ve hit the nail on the head with this product”
“We now have the confidence to share the online world”


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