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Protect ALL the technology that is in your home / small office, using ONE piece of HARDWARE.

KidsBlocker Router

KidsBlocker allows you to take control of the Internet in your home by filtering and monitoring the websites to which  your children have access. Time scheduling access to the internet for any device.

The hardware based control protects every device connected to your home internet including; laptops, desktops, cell phones, tablets, and gaming devices.

The KidsBlocker system is made up of;

  1. a KidsBlocker home wireless router
  2. a subscription to the KidsBlocker service – giving you access to our cloud based server, which facilitates remote control and protection over your home internet via any web browser.
  3. an iPhone (or Andriod) app – to give you control from any location.

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When you purchase KidsBlocker you can choose to pay for a subscription monthly or yearly.    The subscription period will not commence until your KidsBlocker account is activated.

Your subscription will automatic renew.  There are no lock in contracts, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The KidsBlocker technology allows your KidsBlocker device to continuously updated by through our cloud database providing up to date protection, assuring the latest data are always utilised.