To Sext or not to Sext …

Incase you havent noticed, we live in a culture where sexual promiscuity is not simply encouraged but it is really celebrated!

Many of our TV shows, movies, music and celebrities endorse this way of living. Sexual impulses can now be fulfilled with access to a variety of forms of very accessible types of pornography. One doesn’t have to go to the seedy side of town to access X rated content. It’s now at our fingertips thanks (?) to technology. Our also culture celebrates sexual encounters outside of relationships and commitment – that’s why we have an explosion of pornography, phone sex, sex toys, and now … sexting.

Sexting is where someone creates and sends a nude or semi nude image of themselves to another individual – using their phone’s digital camera or a computer’s built in digital camera. A number of different reports have come out saying from 5 – 20% of teens are engaged in this sort of behaviour. With access to technology 24/7, 7 days a week, we can have constant and almost unceasing level of communication with our friends.

Why is engaging in the risky behaviour of Sexting a question … ?

Sexting has the perception of privacy. When we are direct messaging – using privacy setting – one on one chats with someone – sending personal texts – one forgets that any of the images, photos, content, or conversations we are having on the online, can be ‘cut and pasted’ and used anywhere around the world.

It is as though we are now creating a ‘Self produced’ child pornography!

A lot of the time, this content doesn’t remain with the intended recipient – so if a girl or boy is sending a flirting message to someone – these images and messages could be sent around to any number of individuals, placing them socially at risk on many levels. A light example of the effects of this action would be the ruining of a future job opportunity as the image easily falls into the hand of ones future employer! And I am not even going to go into the legal repercussions that are beginning to emerge.

SO … guessing that there IS a question about how SEXTING is possibly NOT as private as one THINKS it may be … and it is possibly a GREAT question to ask before pressing SEND!

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